Saturday, August 27, 2011

Clif Sanderson | Deep Field Relaxation

Clif Sanderson | Deep Field Relaxation: Clif Sanderson is a founder of Deep Field Relaxation and an internationally acclaimed teacher of well-being and spirituality.
He promoted the art of allowing, deep relaxation and application of intention as powerful healing forces in more than twenty countries – in such places as the United Nations and St. John’s Cathedral (New York), St. James Church in Piccadilly (London), The Essalen Institute (California), Heidelberg University (Germany) and The Russian Institute of Technology (Moscow). For three years he was a presenter at ‘Psi-tage’, the largest European congress on parapsychology (Basel, Switzerland). He shared the platform with Nobel Committee member, Dr. Bjorn Nordstrum at the ‘International Congress on Independent Research into Cancer’ (Sydney, Australia). He has been a regular contributor to the ‘Townsend Letter for Doctors’ journal (USA).

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