Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Natural Earth: The English Standard Reference on Herbal Healing

Earthpulse Press: "'The general sight did not appear affected; but when I looked at any particular object it seemed as if something brown, and more or less opaque, was interposed between my eyes and it, so that I saw it indistinctly, or sometimes not at all. Most generally it seemed to be exactly in the middle of the object, while my sight, comprehending all around it, was as distinct and clear as usual; in consequence of which, if I wished to see anything, I was obliged to look on one side. After it had continued a few moments, the upper or lower edge appeared bounded by an edging of light of a zigzag shape.'
Caleb Parry,1825
The word migraine, comes from the Greek words 'hemi-crania,' meaning 'half-head.' Through the centuries the word was chopped down to micrania, and it finally became 'migraine.' It refers to the fact that the headaches only occur on one side of the head."

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