Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dreaming the pyramid

Dreaming the pyramid

"I dance to music unheard,
feeling the formless,
sensing the hidden,
yielding to the innocent,
protecting the undefeated,
and worshipping the uncrowned.
Things are more real to me in my light realm,
than riches and status are to you in yours.
I am Spirit!"There are two ways to think of the number twenty-two: the first is as a number, one finding its rightful place in between the numbers twenty-one and twenty-three. The other way to think of it is as a symbol.

Twenty-two occupies a special place in all forms of contemporary numerology and is often referred to as the Master Number or Master Builder. Metaphysicists the world over are also well aware of the 22nd card of the Tarot and its special significance in the Major Arcana. Commonly referred to as "the Fool", this character seems to care little about material wealth or prestige (or for that matter, any of the other things mortals deem vital to be able to rise up in the world). To the untrained eye, all the Fool cares about is his dreamworld.

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