Thursday, March 31, 2011


ROBYN O'BRIEN - SHEDDING LIGHT ON THE FOOD INDUSTRY: "A Texas native raised on Twinkies and PoBoys, Robyn O'Brien is a critically-acclaimed author, researcher and mother of four who has leveraged her experience as a food industry analyst to uncovering how one of life's most basic activities - eating - has become a risk to our health. Her work has been praised by Ted Turner, Dr. Oz, Erin Brockovich and seen in the New York Times, on CNN, the Today Show and other media.
In the years that she has been a speaker and a nationally recognized author, she has delivered inspiring messages to thousands of people around the country, from entrepreneurs to members of Congress to corporate professionals to mothers' groups, schools and universities. Her meticulously detailed research sheds light on policy, financial incentives and the skyrocketing rates of cancer, autism, obesity and allergies, and her story is sure to inspire you."

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