Monday, June 14, 2010

Idea of Construct Validity

Idea of Construct Validity: "You have to set the construct you want to operationalize (e.g., self esteem) within a semantic net (or 'net of meaning'). This means that you have to tell us what your construct is more or less similar to in meaning.
You need to be able to provide direct evidence that you control the operationalization of the construct -- that your operationalizations look like what they should theoretically look like. If you are trying to measure self esteem, you have to be able to explain why you operationalized the questions the way you did. If all of your questions are addition problems, how can you argue that your measure reflects self esteem and not adding ability?
You have to provide evidence that your data support your theoretical view of the relations among constructs. If you believe that self esteem is closer in meaning to self worth than it is to anxiety, you should be able to show that measures of self esteem are more highly correlated with measures of self worth than with ones of anxiety."

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