Thursday, April 8, 2010

EXCLUSIVE That Notorious Good Friday Homily – WMC Blog

EXCLUSIVE That Notorious Good Friday Homily – WMC Blog: "By Angela Bonavoglia

In his controversial sermon at St. Peter’s last week, Reverend Raniero Cantalamessa expressed no concern for Catholic Church policies that endanger women, writes Angela Bonavoglia, author of “Good Catholic Girls: How Women Are Leading the Fight to Change the Church.”

Cantalamessa apologized for his comment that many felt belittled anti-Semitism last week but failed to acknowledge any role of the Catholic Church in endangering women.

It was indeed outrageous that Reverend Raniero Cantalamessa in his Good Friday homily at St. Peter’s Basilica, with Pope Benedict in eyeshot, compared the public denunciation of the Catholic Church hierarchy for harboring child molesting priests to the homicidal viciousness of anti-Semitism.

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