Wednesday, March 3, 2010

An Open Letter to an Angry Lady | Hartke Is Online!

An Open Letter to an Angry Lady | Hartke Is Online!: "Inspired by an Unpleasant Encounter at the NIH Lactose Intolerance Consensus Conference
This is my written response to a lady who was most upset that I would publicly advocate raw milk in Maryland, a state where it was illegal. She grew up on a dairy farm and said “my father would never sell unpasteurized milk” and she cited the many deaths from undulant fever that occurred in his day and age. She considers raw milk a life and death issue. Fortunately, the NIH staffers supported my freedom of speech and declined to throw me out of the building. Saddened to have so enraged this woman, I am attempting to get this letter to her via the conference organizers.

Dear Angry Lady:
We met at the NIH Lactose Intolerance conference. You were quite angry about my exhibit booth there for the nutrition education group, Weston A. Price Foundation. Because of the high emotion, I was not able to really share with you why we were there, and what we advocate.

To try to bring some understanding between us, I feel compelled to write you."

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