Monday, March 8, 2010

The Mystery of Women’s History : Ms Magazine Blog

The Mystery of Women’s History : Ms Magazine Blog: "People may adore romance in their comedies and chocolate in their peanut butter, but mystery in your history can be hard to love.
This is a problem when it comes to March, National Women’s History Month.� History, we learn at school, is about facts: names and places, dates and statistics, lists of battles and treaties, inventions, landmarks.� Like science, history depends on the existence of actual material proof, documentary evidence that what someone says took place actually happened.� It is about the known, not the unknown.
But there is a lot we don’t know about women’s history.� Historians have long recognized that our view of history is tremendously skewed toward� the people with the education and the leisure time to devote to documenting events, and the resources to preserve their documents in books and� libraries: in other words, elite males.�� We know most of what we know about women in the past because, from time to time, individual women did things unusual enough that men took note of them."

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