Tuesday, February 23, 2010

V-Day Column: Until the Violence Stops

V-Day Column: Until the Violence Stops: "Excerpting I Am an Emotional Creature:
The Secret Life of Girls Around the World
by Eve Ensler

The following excerpt is from the new work I AM AN EMOTIONAL CREATURE: The Secret Life of Girls around the World, which debuted in book form (Villard/Random House) on February 9.


I love being a girl.
I can feel what you're feeling
as you're feeling it inside
the feeling
I am an emotional creature.
Things do not come to me
as intellectual theories or hard-shaped ideas.
They pulse through my organs and legs
and burn up my ears.
I know when your girlfriend's really pissed off
even though she appears to give you what
you want.
I know when a storm is coming.
I can feel the invisible stirrings in the air.
I can tell you he won't call back.
It's a vibe I share."

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