Thursday, September 10, 2009

Geoff Mulgan: Post-crash, investing in a better world

"...we're at the verge of a period where the central position of financial capitalism will come to an end, and will be transformed from master to the servant of human needs." There will be a recognition that capitalism is "not a self-sufficient system but depends on the ecology and families... and if not replenished capitalism suffers." Mulgan touches on a growing trend of social entrepreneurs on the fringes, with profound and creative ideas for transforming our world. He points our how "capitalism has had no real system of investment in compassion, empathy, relationship or care."

The areas in which capitalism has floundered are the areas in which women naturally excel and we will have a major role to play in reshaping the new world.

Social entrepreneurs will play a major role in our transformation. I had come across the term a couple of years ago. This important work has been becoming more prevelant and there are foundations like Ashoka, Bridges Ventures and Seed Funding for Social Entrepreneurs which offer financial assistence: the theory being they would provide income for living expenses, etc., so that the innovator could spend their time in these important pursuits rather than in just working on their ideas and projects in their spare time left over after "working for a living."

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