Saturday, July 18, 2009

Izzy's Daring Digression

"People say that I'm intrepid, but really I'm just pissed."

I have finally begun to write about what I have learned from my journey, like Inanna's, into Erishkigal’s realm. As many early myths relate, once one ventures forth to confront one's inner demons; either willingly (or naively) as I did or by circumstances (such as due to a personal tragedy or a major economic collapse), there will be a testing, but ultimately there will be riches for ones return from the underworld. Of course, we’re never quite sure what that means—and who but a fool would volunteer for such a journey. (Smile) Could such riches be literal or figurative? Having been in a metaphorical “underworld” for well over 12 years, I would hearten you by telling you both. Once we have finally confronted our demons and made our peace with them; all things are possible as we reconnect with our authentic selves and embrace our personal destinies.

I shall be writing a book and posting chapters in serial installments on this blog as I complete them. It's a epic tale encompassing all of my research over the last 27 years in the areas of history, religion, economics, law, traditional medicine and health. I should be posting the Preface, Introduction and the first chapter shortly. I'm looking forward to feedback so feel free to offer any constructive comments.

I will be so bold as to write that I think my book will be an important contribution to assisting us in transforming this planet. It is the product of my spiritual path which began as a search for the whole, healthy, feminine energy which has been so lacking in our public life. I learned to "go with the flow" and be led; being true to myself in all things. It's been exceptionally difficult. Our world has not been created through history to accommodate such meanderings, but there was a time when indigenous peoples all over the planet knew no other way as they lived in harmony with nature and each other. By having been “flowing” for so long, I have learned some powerful lessons which I hope to effectively share the importance of in my book. Please check back periodically for updates.

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