Monday, July 27, 2009

The Duck Test: Codex Alimentarius

“We are living in a world today where lemonade is made from artificial flavors and furniture polish is made from real lemons.” Alfred E. Newman

“It’s bizarre that the produce manager is more important to my children’s health than the pediatrician.” Meryl Streep

If it ain’t food don’t eat it.” Author unknown

“Chemicals, n: Noxious substances from which modern foods are made.” Author unknown

“A man always has two reasons for doing anything, a good reason and the real reason.” J.P. Morgan

We’ve all probably heard of the Duck Test: “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.” We also learned in childhood, “to beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing,” “that actions speak louder than words,” and that “the emperor has no clothes,” etc. But, we grow up, life becomes more complex, we’ve more responsibilities and forget the simpler explanations for perceiving our world. We’ve come to be inundated in information, falling prey to the “bread and circuses” which are steadily spoon fed us by the corporate media. As a result we lack the tools for processing or shutting out all the extraneous information which daily bombards our senses and focusing instead on the areas of life that are most important. We’re kept quite busy, “making a living” with little time to create a life. What we’ve been unaware of though and really can’t conceive of, is that it is all by design. Oh not our design; although we are apt to overestimate our importance in the scheme of things. There are great agendas we are absorbed in of which we are largely unconscious.

When I was in graduate school in the late 1980’s studying history, a friend approached me and asked if I believed in conspiracy history. I very emphatically answered that I did not as I could not conceive of any group’s ability to control the world. This was uttered at a time just after the beginnings of my personal foray into the study of economics. Years later, I was putting together a forum related to the economic viability of the city in which I lived. I began to piece together a picture of how incentives buried within the tax code and financial system were fueling rampant suburbanization and the decline of the inner city and its accompanying social problems. As I became more familiar with the economic issues a phrase began to assert itself into my consciousness: “if it ain’t simple, we’re being screwed,”—a great slogan for a bumper sticker especially as I’ve come to believe it relates to almost all areas of our lives. Certainly the tax system with a book-shelf wide set of regulations is anything other than simple. There are lots of hidden machinations that I had become aware of in my reading of history of the tax system and the economy in general. (See ant architecture on sidebar of blog as symbolic of what I write.)

A couple of years later, I began a research project for my employer into alternative medicines. His wife’s health had been in steady decline for years, in spite of her access to the very best medical care available—they were quite wealthy and traveled widely to consult with the some of the most respected physicians in the country. When my employer in frustration asked my opinion; being at a loss, I had suggested alternative medicines of which I knew little other than they were another option. He then asked that I research the topic. I began on the internet, downloading a book on soil science and modern agricultural techniques. Eventually I progressed into reading about nutrition, homeopathy, Ayervedic and Traditional Chinese Medicines. Once more, my new credo, “if it ain’t simple, we’re being screwed” began repeating in my mind.

At some point, I began to see a patterns of misinformation and control inherent in our food distribution systems just as I had found in my 25 years of studying economics. The incentives in agriculture were perverted just as in the financial system. Generally, I found that our food has been selected for appearance rather than for nutritional content. Our soils have been depleted due to modern corporate agricultural techniques. Our foods harvested out of the depleted soils are injected with synthetic nutrients and vitamins and god knows what else. Our health has been adversely affected due to these techniques, but not to worry: we are sold vitamins; most of which our bodies do not recognize as food as they are regularly passed in undigested form through our intestines and colon. Then when our health declines, we have corporate medical and corporate pharmaceutical who will experiment on us medically (the system’s main emphasis being either to drug us or cut us)—and at every juncture we are literally paying with our hard earned resources and lives for our own mistreatment. Generally our medicine does not “heal” us, but rather masks the symptoms, lulling us into a false sense of health. Western medicine, and its lack of focus on prevention of illness as is found in all traditional medicines, is rather like taking the battery out of the annoying fire alarm to stop the shrill noise, and ignoring the inferno which is burning down the house.

My studies into health and nutrition uncovered information that has been long known by research physicians, like Francis M. Pottenger, and Weston A. Price, etc., but without multimillion budgets with which to promote their findings, their information has not been publically known and appreciated. We’ve received our education from industry. Certainly profit motive has been a key incentive as corporations seek to sell us products which jeopardize our health, but is there more going on? I had begun to believe so. The web of deceit was too seamless; with the creation of interlocking industries who all supply portions of our needs but overall are fundamentally doing great harm. Within the last two weeks I have become aware of information from my internet sources about Codex Alimentarius. This commission was development in 1963 and in conjunction with the World Health Organization and the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations is setting standards of our food in the service of biotechnology. This new information seemed to support my suppositions of a grander scheme of intentional manipulation to which we have been unaware. The Codex seeks to standardize our food choices globally purportedly for our safety.

These standards, I would stress, serve the interests of corporations (and the agendas of their majority shareholders) and not those of our physical and mental health needs. The entire emphasis relates to the use of biotechnology. We’re heard this idea before as is often advertised as, “better living though chemistry.” But are we really living better through chemistry? There are reportedly over 20,000 chemical toxins being sold to us in a wide variety of products. We are slowly poisoning the planet and ourselves to death. Can we in all honesty believe that “man” is more intelligent that nature? Somehow for hundreds of thousands of years prior to “history” humans have lived in harmony with the natural world. We know this, as we’ve inherited an environment to destroy because it wasn’t ruined hence—indigenous peoples all over our planet, mostly lived in harmony with nature and with each other. War was not a too common pastime and obsession in the ages prior to the rise of patriarchy and monotheism. Now, we are in real jeopardy of making our planet unlivable. Certainly, it does not take a rocket scientist or even a corporate biochemist to determine that the “dominion of man over nature” established in the Judeo-Christian tradition which we’ve inherited is wrong! What arrogance propagated such nonsense? When we finally begin to acknowledge this fact, then we can truly begin to question other assertions offered up by the patriarchy which also continue to dominate our world.

Back to the duck test: If it looks like social manipulation or control, the results are manipulation and control; then we can safely assume that we are being and have been manipulated and controlled. Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said. “In politics, nothing happens by accident, if it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” I learned this as a student of history. Grand events such as the sinking of the Lucitania, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, and Pearl Harbor, and countless others, were all manufactured to get our country and others into wars. Wars have been a tool of creating massive debt. Debt is then a tool to creating servitude and means of controlling whole populations of countries. Seem familiar? (Such an understanding of how such situations have repeatedly been used throughout history to manipulate the public might make us wonder about current world events.) There are complete scenarios which are staged in order to push an agenda—which is quickly culminating into the “New World Order” we repeatedly hear our leaders talking about, but which will be anything but benign.

Individually we cannot imagine such exploitation as most of us do not plan our lives days in advance much less decades and centuries. As we begin to awaken to the myriad means (economic, legal, political, religious, agricultural, etc) by which we’ve been constrained throughout history, we can in truth realize that we hold the keys—and stop looking to government or others to save us. We, and particularly women, are truly the only ones who can do anything. The Taoist knew, “if you wished to change the world, you need only change yourself, then you will find that is all that is necessary.” This works because as we individually come into balance, our energy affects all around us. We are literally magnets in an electromagnetic universe. This blog is dedicated to discussion of exactly how to balance our own energies. Literally what needs to be done is a reclaiming of the whole, healthy feminine energy which has been largely been absent throughout the patriarchy and history.

My own spiritual journey began in such a search for recovering this missing feminine energy. I had read a large tome by philosopher Ken Wilbur, Sex, Ecology, Spirituality. In this monumental work he had made the case for finding the healthy feminine energy to balance out the excessive masculine energy which has long dominated our world. I generally agreed with his analysis, and remember thinking that as I was a woman I should be able to get in touch with such energy—although I really had no real idea of exactly what it was or of how to do so. We, in the West, know little about such concepts. It was in my study of Taoism, the I Ching, Chinese Medicine, and astrology that I began to understand how energy works. Within a couple years of focusing especially on the use of food energies to maximize health, it struck me one day, how the energies of men and women were of the same nature. Thus began my true path to understanding. What I realized along the way is as these energies are innate and we have been so long out of balance, we must consciously learn to rebalance our energies. Please allow me to share some of the insights I’ve learned on my way to wholeness with you. Together we can transform our world.

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  1. Really enjoyed reading that Catherine...great article and Codex is something we should all be concerned about - alas, it is unknown to the general public. I was at Alternative View 2 where Scott Tips spoke about Codex and his work on the Commission. He heads up NHF, check it out: