Monday, May 4, 2009

Spice Remedies

Warming Cooling Additional Uses
(stimulates digestion) (anti-inflammatory)  
Allspice   stimulant
Anise   sweetener
Asafoetida   stimulant, antispasm
Basil   increases sweating i.e., diaphoretic
Bay Leaf   laxative
Caraway   reduces phlegm, drying
Cardamon   heart stimulant
Cayenne   increases circulation
  Chicory blood cleanser
Cinnamon   circulation, diaphoretic for arthritis, colds, and flu
Cloves   adrenal stimulant for asthma, impotence
  Coriander diuretic
  Cumin cools ulcer pain
  Dandelion diuretic, laxative, lymph cleaner
  Dill expectorant
  Fennel diuretic
Fenugreek   sexual stimulant
Garlic   liver stimulant, antibiotic
Ginger   diaphoretic
Hawthorn Berries   reduces cholesterol, heart stimulant
Juniper Berries   diuretic
Kelp   minerals
  Lemon vitamin C, expectorant
  Lemongrass diaphoretic
  Licorice demulcent, laxative, source of estrogen
Mace   antispasm, expectorant
Marjoram   calming, antispasm
Mustard Seeds   stimulant, expectorant
Nutmeg   sedative
Onion   blood cleanser, tonic
Orange Peel   dries phlegm, stimulant
Oregano   stimulant, diaphoretic
Paprika   stimulant
Parsley   blood cleanser, diuretic, increases menstruation, i.e. emmenagogue
  Peppermint diaphoretic
  Pomegranate dries phlegm
Rosemary   strong stimulant
Safflower   increases circulation
  Saffron liver cleanser, emmenagogue
Sage   stimulant, expectorant, stops excessive sweating
Savory   stimulant
Sesame Seeds   nerve tonic, rejuvenator
  Spearmint diaphoretic, diuretic
Tarragon   emmenagogue, diuretic, antiseptic, liver stimulant
Thyme   antispasmodic, dries phlegm, increases breath
Tumeric   stimulant, antibacterial, increases circulation and intestinal flora, antitumor

Extracted from Hadady’s Asian Health Secrets

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